Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher you're tree-rific!

So for today's teacher gift it was bring in your teacher's favorite fruit. My son's teacher likes Tangerines. I thought it would be super cute to stick a bunch of them into a vase cut out a huge tree since they grow on trees and make it look like the tangerines had fallen from the tree. I used Pink by Design stamps for the sentiments. The tree was cut at 9.5" from Country Life and then I stuck the tree on a skewer so that it would stay in the vase. I finished it off with some ribbon I had in my ribbon bag. TFL


dupontpig24 said...

I think your idea and your thoughtfulness is tree-rific. Wes has got to be so happy and proud to have such a talented mom. I know I am sure proud of you.

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