Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!! My kids have been looking forward to trick or treating since the 1st of the I have a fun post to share today, these are the treat bags I made for my 2 older boys. This is also my first big Cameo project. I must say I am liking my Cameo a bit more than my Cricut (gasp I know) and maybe it is just because it is shiny and new. Well anyways on to the post. I made skittle sticks for my oldest and closed them off with a tag and stuck on these cute "chubby"
Halloween characters, I LOVE Them! And them for my middle son I found premade treat bags at 25% off (score!) I had to use something other than candy, he isn't allowed tobring any in. I topped the bags off with a topper I found in the Silhouette store and stamped on the sentiment instead of using the one that came with the design. There are quite a few pics but I hope you enjoy!


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