Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!!!!

I am so proud to be an American. I am even more proud of my husband who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, helping fight to make things right. Thank you to everyone past present and future who have served in our military. It is because of these people we can live free. So I thought I would make a simple layout, I had every intention on putting pictures on it today but I ran out of ink... No cricut for this one just some paper, ribbon, ink and stickers.

So I also thought it would be fun to share some pics of me and my family. We have a lot of past and present service members. Hope you like them!
                  Thats me!! I'm getting a safty brief before I tandom jumped out of a helicopter..
     this is my hubby and one of 11 of his bomb dogs. Hard to believe these cute dogs sniff out IEDs
Steve(my hubby),me, Steve(my dad), my grandfather(pictured), Chris(my brother)
my grandfather is still living we just brought a picture because he was unable to physically be there.

Again THANK YOU to our military. I am so honored to be called a veteran.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures...Thank you to your husband for all he is doing...and thank you for the support you are giving him... I am sure it is hard to have him so far away....
Happy Veteran's Day....

Pink Cricut said...

First of all I want to thank you for serving our country, for that sacrifice and for the sacrifice of time spent w your husband-- while he is away. You both are what makes "America" free.
So Thank you to both of you!
I am so glad I've "met" you--and I know it must be so hard somedays-- but, know that there are people thinking of you and the boys--and praying for your husband's safe return!

CRYSTAL said...

Thank you for serving your country when you were in, and for continuing to serve as a dedicated Marine wife. The service of Steve, Rory, and all others serving is a sacrifice by them and "us" wives.
I am blessed to have you as a friend/extended family. There are many people in your corner while he is away, and it is even more special that everyone on your blog cares about you as well. As always, praying for Steve's safe return... xoxo

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