Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Toilet paper roll mini!!

I am so very excited to be a guest blogger at Scrap'n Tote. I have decided to make a mini album. Since
the holidays are right around the corner I thouhgt that this toilet paper roll mini would make the perfect gift for family. I have 3 boys so I will be making one for each, here is my first completed album, oh did I mention this is my FIRST mini!!

You will need at least three toilet paper rolls but can add more if you like. You will need to flatten your rolls and crease them with a bone folder. I found that if you leave them under something heavy for a night that really helps.

I then measured my rolls and took a piece of cardstock and cut it the roll height + 1" and then cit it 2x roll width + 1" it should look like this:

I added adhisive to one side of the roll and placed it on my cardstock. Next I cut 4 slits at the corners of the roll. I then placed glue on the larger flaps and tucked them inside the roll. I finished taping the paper around the roll and tucked in the 2 smaller flaps.

I repeated this for all of the rolls. I then punched a hole at the bottom of each and added a medium sized eyelet. I decorated each with corrdinationg paper and embellishments. I cut the tags from Tags Bags Boxes and more and decorated each. I plan on adding pictures and journaling to each tag. I looped my rolls on to an old key ring I found and then added some ribbon to it. I hope this has inspiered you to make your own.

other carts used: Lacey Labels, Boys Will be Boys, Gypsy font, Nursery Rhymes, Calligraphy Collection.


dupontpig24 said...

AMAZING---------YOU ARE MY HERO !!!!!!!!!!
The colors you picked and the picture you used fit Spencer's personality perfectly. I can not wait to see what you do with the other two.

G-ma said...

I love this creation using toilet roll to make a mini-album...I am going to use this to make up mini-albums, especially of my granddaughters and send to their daddy in Iraq.

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